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Kate and William's new Royal Baby Prince George could be the latest Antichrist if Jack Van Impe has his way (but will it make $$). Is Rexella a sinner with all the facelifts...Vanity is a Sin. Jack thinks Pope Francis is too liberal and has lost respect for the Catholic Church. Why? Pope Francis wants to reach out to Islam and that reminds Van Impe of Chrislam and his archenemy Rick Warren. Jack Van Impe blows the Rapture for the 4th time. We're all here but Jack Van Impe is missing ... on Canadian Television. Shaw Media's Global TV stations across Canada have finally come to their senses and cancelled Jack Van Impe Presents. One less network airing Van Impe's intolerance and looney conspiracy theories. So why would a national television network cancel a cash cow, public outrage, the Canadian Broadcast Regulations and the taxman. The CRA needs to revoke JVIM's Charitable Tax Donation Status asap. Is Jack Van Impe really dead? We did some research and believe it was a Rexella Van Impe Rapture prediction that turned into a hoax. Born Rexella Mae Shelton on November 29, 1932 - she's 80 folks not 50 - isn't tons of plastic surgery a sin Jack? Read what The Bible says about Vanity. Did all those charitable donations pay for Rexella's surgery? What a hypocrite, read this article by Rexella Van Impe. In reference to the so called hoax, Rexella Van Impe may have said that on Dec. 21, 2012 Jack will be gone in the "twinkling of a eye" and people left behind will think he died or is missing. Nothing happened of course, let's see how the world's #1 evangelical charlatan weasels his way out of the 2012 hoax, he's already mentioned a 2016 Rapture. All those JVIM programs and DVD's about 21/12/12, all the attacks on Islam, President Obama, Atheists and Rick Warren, all that hate. The following tidbit should have been Jack Van Impe's Obituary. Christian Press International - December 21, 2012: Pastor Jack Van Impe's battles with President Obama, Atheists, Islam, Rick Warren, TBN and his own personal demons has come to end. Jack Van Impe "the walking bible" has died the same day of his much predicted December 21, 2012 Rapture. Rumour has it Jack collapsed at the home of his neighbor, NRA poster boy and "has been rocker" Ted Nugent and then disappeared leaving his suit laying on the driveway. Jack's body could not be found. Nugent didn't mince words saying, "The guy was friggin weird. Jack and Rexella would come over get tipsy and try to get me to watch Chrislam, The New World Order and my personal favorite The President of Change Shortchanges America. Jack was old and hated Obama as much as I do so I tolerated him. Rexella looked pretty haggard at the funeral" added Nugent, "scars from numerous face lifts were visible her mascara was running down her face really showing her age, scary stuff." To send Rexella Van Impe your OBJECTIONS to her sinful vanity (countless facelifts) email: [email protected]. In the video Jack Van Impe admits he's an alcoholic like his father who he describes as a mean and angry drunk. His irrational mental state is evident by his hateful rants against the evil Islam, Jesus returning Rapture ready December 21, 2012 (which he recently "revised" to 2016) and that President Obama is a Muslim, attended a Madrasa as a youth and will lead the New World Order spreading socialism and Chrislam. Van Impe's latest paranoid conspiracy theories Chrislam, Revelation Revealed, President of Change Shortchanges America and Islamic Sharia Law & The One World Religion were rated Fantasy PG13 and the reviews were not flattering. The Christian Press International calls them bigoted, violent and cheesey, typical of JVIM videos. What kind of man would spend the very, very last years of his life spreading intolerance by using inflammatory rhetoric about Islam and his own president? It's no wonder Jack and Rexella Van Impe's credibility is in the dumpster.

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The Heart of the Matter - "Jack Van Impe is nothing but a bully" Robert Schuller

Okay now for the serious issues at hand and some hard facts. If you have unwaivering support of Jack Van Impe Presents you will be offended by our site at least take a gander at the million dollar home, he says it's only $218,000 (sure it is Jack click here to see $220k homes) and the multi million dollar television broadcast studio and production facility your "donated" dollars purchased for the Van Impe's and Jack complains about Rick Warrens jet! Now poor old demented Jack is going on about 2016 being the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end and in a dream God told him "something or other" will defeat the Lord of The Rings, the last sign blah blah blah and Jesus returns blah blah blah, same story different year, AGAIN. The man has no shame, lying to him is as natural as breathing. How is Jack going to explain this one? Wrong calculations or the History Channel and the Mayans got it all wrong. Jack why isn't the BIBLE your source for your prophecies, your own Prophecy Bible, why use the Mayans or the History Channel? Jack Van Impe is nothing but a Con Artist, seriously you all can't be that brainwashed to fall for the 2016 prediction and let him slide on the 2012 prediction. Come on folks think for yourselves Jack Van Impe is snake oil salesman. You can email us at [email protected] but please don't lower yourselves with the God's gonna punish you crappola, that bullying tactic that Evangelicals use all the time doesn't work with "NON BELIEVERS" so be civil. The Christian Channel in Canada called Vision TV breaks it's own Code of Ethics by broadcasting JVIM and takes money from JVIM to air his bigotry. Contact Vision TV to complain about JackVan Impe being intolerant of Islam and other religious leader like Rick Warren, after all Vision says they are a multifaith broadcaster. Jack Van Impe Ministries Incorporated in Canada earned 1.9 million dollars last year from the sale of Dvd's and Prophecy Bible. JVIM incorporated paid no taxes AND received a GST refund where applicable. In 2011 Shaw Media's Global TV and Vision TV a Christian channel earned 1.5 million dollars for broadcasting JVIM in Canada. We are investigating where the approximately $400,000 JVIM profit went as it cannot leave Canada, it has to be "gifted". Hopefully the CRA will also look into who the money is "gifted" to as well as review JVIM's Charitable Tax Donation Status. Jack Van Impe Ministries Incorporated is a registered charity in Canada 852-958-818-RR-0001 JVIM Inc. has a Charitable Tax Donation Status and pays no taxes. JVIM does no charity work in the community nor do they have a brick and mortar presence unless you count their accountant office in London, Ontario and PO Box in Windsor Ontario, Canada. No church, drop in center, food bank etc. nothing to warrant the charitable tax break. So if the bigotry, hate and fear mongering and idiotic conspiracy theories don't disgust you then JVIM paying NO Taxes and doing zilch to warrant a Charitable Tax Donation status surely will. Jack Van Impe's irrational rants about the end of mankind as we know it and inflammatory statements such as "Christianity is a war with Islam" and "Muslims hate Jews" has a detrimental effect on children and could cause harm to Muslims and minorities in general. The event in Tuscon with Gabby Gifford being shot by the Christian fundamentalist J. Loughner is proof that inflammatory hateful speech has no place in this day and age. Some Canadians and Americans are worried about current world events. Jack Van Impe's rants are those of a doomsday cult leader and there is no doubt that Jack Van Impe is a sociopath well versed in Cognitive Dissonance Theory. He will say anything to make a buck and it doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process. Proof that some of his bible references are false or bastardized @ Jack Van Impe's Lies. Jack Van Impe claims that he and his wife Rexella Van Impe have doctorate degrees or PHD's in religious studies, they do not. They are con artists who purchased their degrees from the now infamous Pacific International University. Wikipedia states: Jack Van Impe and Rexella Van Impe received doctorate degrees from Pacific International University an unaccredited Christian university". Jack Van Impe showed his right wing colors during the 2012 election campaign with JVIM's poorly produced DVD: The President of Change Shortchanges America. What does comparing President Obama's policies with Mitt Romney's have to do with religious broadcasts. Jack Van Impe sounds like Newt Gingrich another right wing intolerant big mouth. Jack is on the birther bandwagon stating President Obama attended a Madrassa in Indonesian as a teen and is a Muslim. Jack Van Impe is an idiot. What about his latest conspiracy theories "Chrislam" and "Revelation Revealed loaded with anti Islamic rhetoric and misinformation. Anyone can view all of Jack Van Impe's movies and TV shows on YouTube. Don't waste your $$ buying his DVD's or his Prophecy Bible. Our group cannot change Jack Van Impe's message of intolerance but we can inform the taxman that he does not warrant a charitable tax donation status and perhaps get some back taxes paid to the Canadian Government. Canadian Law stipulates that televangelist like Jack Van Impe cannot broadcast attacks on other religions or religious leaders. You can read more about the history of JVIM and Global TV.

Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents is a Evangelical Christian "infomercial" or U.S. paid religious programming as Visoin TV likes to call it. Unlike most mainstream religious broadcasts JVIM Presents spews forth only fear, hate and bigotry, not peace, love and tolerance that a legitimate religious program provides. The evangelical bigots are coming out of the woodwork, they must feel quite smug since Franklin Graham son of Billy Graham has made the same bigoted, inflammatory remarks against Islam as Jack Van Impe. The Jack Van Impe Presents broadcast begins with some lighthearted (lame) humor or Jack gushing over Rexella like a lecher. Rexella then reads only the headlines from the previous week's news (typically taken from right wing sources and Fox News). Newspaper headlines are written in a manner to get the reader's attention and it's necessary to read the entire article BUT Rexella reads the headline then looks at Jack Van Impe and says "Oh Jack what do you think of that?" Jack Van Impe then deviously bastardizes the news to make biblical prophecies sound relevant to current events. For example the H1N1 outbreak was a sign of pestilence, Iran's threatening Israel means that the end is coming soon, Russia, Iran and N. Korea's belligerence towards the USA is somehow in the bible. N. Korea who now has nukes AND missiles and fits nicely into Van Impe's version of the end of days. The end will come when America defends Israel from Islam and there is "the most terrible of wars" and all will die EXCEPT born again Christians. Jesus will return once the Jews have converted into Christianity. What a load of crap. No self respecting Jew would want to be a Christian. Jack Van Impe says this about Jews on his website: "It is God's will for all Christians to love and pray for the Jewish people. It is true that no Jew can be saved apart from faith in Jesus Christ (John 14:6). This is true for both Jews and Gentiles. Romans 11:26 has to do with the conversion of Israel in the future when they turn to Jesus Christ. It does not guarantee salvation of all the Jews who have ever lived since salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ. The requirement for going to Heaven is that each person must receive Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour (John 1:12). John 3:3 says: "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."During the Tribulation there will be thousands of Jews converted. Revelation 7 speaks of 144,000 being saved and becoming the servants of God. That will be a great and wonderful day!" So in Jack Van Impe's view if a person is a non evangelical Christian, a Jew or Muslim (same God as the evangelical Christians) he/she will suffer greatly and will not be saved. This is bigotry excluding someone because their beliefs are different than yours. When you take a good hard look at the evangelical movement you will come to the realization that they really are intolerant of others people's religions and belief systems and quite obsessed with converting everyone. Islamic Sharia Law & the One World Religion Van Impe's new video is a great example of Evangelical intolerance. After scaring people with his doom and gloom he tries to sell his books and dvd's about the end of the world and how you can save yourself (simple you buy his Dvd's and fake bible). His end of days prediction is akin to doomsday cults who predict the end of the world or to the Aryan Nation goofballs saying only whites should have rights or live for that matter. When you take away the religious smokescreen one can see there is no difference. It's all bigotry. As previously stated Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents is not religious programming as defined by the CRTC it is an infomercial masquerading as religious / news program. Latest Video Islamic Sharia Law & the One World Religion is another attack on Islam.

Read more about Jack Van Impe and Global TV, the CRTC and CSBC.

From Wikipedia: Jack Leo Van Impe (born February 9, 1931 is a televangelist who is known for his half-hour weekly television series Jack Van Impe Presents, an eschatological commentary on the news of the week through his interpretation of the Bible. The program airs throughout the United States, Canada, and several other countries through both religious broadcasters and the purchase of paid programming time on commercial television stations. Van Impe's website claims that he is known as the "Walking Bible" because of his extensive memorization of Bible verses. A lot of people think he's a bigot and intolerant of Islam, atheists and other mainstream religions. His attacks on Rick Warren border on ridiculous. Van Impe's wife Rexella (born Rexella Mae Shelton on November 29, 1932), in Missouri shares his TV ministry as co-host. Jack Van Impe's parents immigrated to the USA (may have been Nazi sympathizers) from a small town in Belgium. Born in Michigan Van Impe was an accordion player as a child, performing duets with father across Michigan and other states. In 1948, Van Impe graduated from high school and entered Detroit Bible Institute, earning his diploma in 1952 and beginning his career as a preacher and evangelist as well as an extensive recording career. In an episode of Jack Van Impe Presents, Jack notes that during his years working with the Billy Graham crusades, Van Impe met his future wife, Rexella, who was an organist with the crusades. The couple were married on August 21, 1954, and started their own joint ministry. Jack Van Impe has made several doomsday predictions which of course did not come true. The man is a charlatan and a bigot. For years he has used biblical passages to make crazy predictions about the end times. Van Impe predicts according to Revelation 13, a single world political leader (the beast) and a single world religious leader (the false prophet) will emerge, but the rapture will occur before either leader comes to power. He predicted that the world would be organized into 10 political subdivisions, based on the ten-district plan set up by the Club of Rome. Van Impe also predicted that the world religion would be Chrislam. Jack predicts that the world political leader will "come in peaceably" and create a seven-year peace deal involving Israel. Then, three and a half years into the peace, Russia (the interpreted meaning of "Rosh"), along with its Middle Eastern allies ('Persia, Cush, and Put', from Ezekiel 38:5), will break the peace by invading Israel, according to Ezekiel 38, and the military of Russia and its allies will be decimated. Then China will invade, according to Revelation 16, and the military of China will likewise be decimated when Jesus returns. Dr. Jack Van Impe has been criticized as an "armchair prophet" and charlatan due to his unaccredited doctoral degree and 20-year record of for-profit video sales. His doctoral degree was obtained at Pacific International University, a secular institution with no theological component. For over 20 years, Impe has sold low-budget films supplementing teachings from his television program. These films depict themes of apocalypse, Christ's second-coming, modern oppression of Christians and dystopian themes. The films range from $9.99 - $39.99 and market without any "free" online alternative. Many of the predictions in the films have been false and rebuffed, most notably his predictions about a "seven year tribulation" sparked by the now flat Y2K bug beginning in the year 2000, in the film "2000: Time Bomb". Jack once calculated and claimed that the word "computers" added up to 666, the number of the beast. He goes on the say how the antichrist will use computers to keep track of people during the end times. At the end of his program, he proceeds to plug his website and allows visitors to purchase his videos and books. He also believes the "pagan" 2012 Mayan prophecy about the end of the world, despite the fact the Bible makes no reference to it, and forbids setting dates. He claims to not set dates about the rapture or the second coming, however answers to questions posted on his website, and statements made on his television program would seem to state otherwise. Jack and Rexella Van Impe like to go on and on about how they live well but are not like the other corrupt televangelist like Rick Warren who have jets and mega churches. Jack seems to forget he owns a multi million dollar television production facility bottom right in Rochester Hills and top right the million dollar mansion where Jack, Rexella and their servants live in. Many folks ask "where does Jack Van Impe live and what does his home look like". Look at the size of his Studio it's worth much more than Rick Warren's jet. Since mid June 2011 Jack Van Impe has been focusing almost exclusively on Chrislam which he deliberately misinterprets as the merging of Christianity and Islam by numerous churches across America in an effort to promote a demonic one world religion. Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Rick Warren and Robert Schuller are leaders of this latest Van Impe "conspiracy theory". Fortunately only a very small minority of fundamentalist Christians believe that Chrislam is a sign of the end times.Van Impe's hateful rantings are simply about the Faith Shared Project sponsored by the Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First, where clergy representing various faiths gather during services to read from each others texts. Below Jack and Rexella in front of their multimillion dollar TV studio and their million dollar mansion.

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